It is an academic and community-oriented platform where researchers come together to collaborate, fostering creativity and working towards building a prosperous society. The platform serves as a means to disseminate knowledge for the common well-being and facilitate the flow of information among stakeholders. Its primary goal is to encourage the sharing of research findings and the results of collective brainstorming, with the aim of creating a new era of existing knowledge for the society and contributing to a sustainable future.

In the context of sectoral sustainability, it is crucial to prioritize collaborative efforts and the dissemination of necessary academic knowledge among stakeholders. This scheme is essential for adapting to the demands of the new era. With the aim of promoting sectoral development, technological advancement, academic excellence, and extensive sharing of brainstormed ideas, Our 12 years of experience is quite significant in this context.

IAFLI is an influential congress that brings together academicians, executives, specialists, and professionals in the leather sector. It serves as a platform where the latest advancements in the industry are discussed and shared among the participants. With a successful track record of 12 years, IAFLI has demonstrated its commitment to strengthening the structure of the congress, improving its effectiveness, and expanding its capacity.

IAFLI is renowned for its significant contributions to knowledge creation, experience, and technological advancements in the sector. It has proven its potential in supporting the industry by providing valuable insights and resources.